Online Education Degree:
Learn The Pro's and Con's

Before you start your online education degree program, consider the experience of professionals who have been where you are now.

You want to give your career a boost, get that teaching degree, and start earning the professional salary you know you deserve.

Take a look a that the experience of Sherry from Worcester, MA. She earned an eduction degree from the University of Phoenix.

Here's what she has to say:

Describe what you liked best about your online learning experience.

The best part of earning my degree online was the flexibility of the scheduling. I could log in any time day or night and participate fully when I was in the mood and had the energy to learn. No more dragging myself to class when I was half asleep! I could be in class while having my morning coffee or my evening glass of wine.

Describe what you liked least about your online learning experience.

I didn't enjoy the "learning team" experience at all. Many of the courses made this component 30% of the final grade so its success was integral. Working with others in many different time zones made scheduling very stressful. In every one of my courses that required a learning team, there was always one member who didn't pull his or her weight, which added even more stress to the situation. I would have enjoyed the program a lot more had there been no learning teams.

Has earning this degree helped or hurt your career?

This degree has done nothing but help my career. It was interesting to dialogue with other educators around the country and even the world. It has brought me up in the pay scale and has earned me much esteem from my colleagues.

What would you say to others who are thinking of pursuing a degree online?

Getting a degree online can be a very rewarding experience, but people who aren't good at time management or aren't very self disciplined might have a hard time with such a program.

Sherry|Worcester, MA, USA|University of Phoenix|Education

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