Online History Degree:
Ready to become a history teacher?

Will an online history degree advance your teaching career?

Online degrees have become more common and more respected in the teaching profession.

Of course, do the research for certification requirements in your home state before you make the decision to pursue a degree online.

Shelley from Shoreham, NY, did her research and made her choice. And now she has a Bachelor's in History from Liberty University.

Read more about Shelley's experience below:

Describe what you liked best about your online history degree.

I liked the ease with which I could work around my classes. That I wasn't in a traditional classroom setting and that I could blast music, sit naked, etc, while doing the lesson at my leisure. I didn’t have to listen to people talking about their plans for the night, or what happened the night before. I was blissfully alone and able to just work at my own pace, not be embarrassed if I didn’t understand something. Plus as a non traditional student I could remain at my full time job, pick up a part time job to pay all the bills and still keep up on all of my school work. I just had to remember to mark down when I was required to log in how ever many times a week and I was as good as gold. I liked this method of attaining an education far more than I liked the traditional method of dorm living, roommates, and traipsing all over campus to go to classes where you couldn’t concentrate because of the people sitting next to you.

Describe what you liked least about your online learning experience.

I guess honestly the only thing I disliked about going to school online was if I did not understand something. Since my school was not located in the same state, being able to get in contact with a professor relied solely on the use of e-mail. It also required me to always stay ahead in my school work, because if I did not understand something and needed help from the professor depending on how often they checked their mail I might not hear from them until after the deadline. I can see how horrible this could be for someone working in a completely different time zone than where there school was located. I also did not like having to purchase a new computer to be able to run some of the programs needed for classes on my computer and having to upgrade my internet to a faster service so I was able to refresh quickly while working.

Has earning this degree helped or hurt your career?

Well a lot of people I have spoken to don't think that graduating from an online college counts as graduating from a real college. I think there is still a big stigma attached to things outside the norm.

What would you say to others who are thinking of pursuing an online history degree?

To really look into it, make sure you aren't going to get scammed because that can happen. Keep your head up and don't let anyone make fun of you for going to school online. Once you have your teaching certificate, no one will know or care where you earned your degree.

Shelly - Shoreham, New York - Liberty University - History

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