Your Online Masters Degree
Will Pay Dividends
for Decades

Is an online masters degree right for you?

Every teacher should have a masters degree in his or her subject area. In many states, all teachers are required to earn a masters degree within five years of initial certification.

So whether you're just starting work toward certification or you're already working as a certified teacher, you almost certainly will need to earn a masters degree in your subject area.

Depending on your current level of education, there are three ways to proceed:

1. You haven't yet earned your bachelor's degree

Although you have a long way to go, you are in the easiest category for making sure all requirements for certification are met.

Definitely take the minimum required education courses while you are still an undergraduate. You don't need to be an education major to do this.

Earn a BA or BS in the subject area of your choice, taking additional courses to meet certification requirements in your state.

Then you can teach while you earn your MA or MS within five years of initial licensure.

2. Earn an MA before becoming a teacher

If you plan to earn your MA before becoming a teacher, the best advice for you is to earn your teaching license along with the advanced degree.

With an MA or MS in your subject area and an additional seven to eight courses in education, your college transcripts will likely meet teacher certification requirements.

If you fall into this category, spending time and money for a separate degree in education would be a waste. You only need to earn the minimum credits for education courses.

For me, in New York, this was an additional 21 credits, or seven courses.

3. Earn an MA after becoming a teacher

Why earn your graduate teaching degree online?

For teachers who have earned initial certification and a bachelor degree, it is possible to teach full time while earning the online masters degree with five years.

Contact your human resources manager to ensure the online credits will be honored by your district.

Don't Waste Money and Time!

Earn your degree in the subject of your choice, then piece together the education credits necessary for certification in your state.

See ten universities offering online teacher certification.

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