Online Psychology Degrees:
The World Needs Guidance Counselors

Online psychology degrees help create guidance counselors for schools.

But the world needs guidance counselors, too.

No matter what career you ultimately choose, understanding human psychology will help you become a better listener and a more effective communicator.

From home-makers to CEO's, people with degrees in psychology have deeper understanding of family, friends, coworkers, and clients.

But before you jump into a degree program, research your options thoroughly.

And learn from those who have gone before you, from those who have already earned a bachelor's or even a master's online.

Take a look a the experience of Charr from Burbank, CA. She earned a pyschology degree from Phoenix University. She is applying her new knowledge as a professional make-up artist.

Here's what she has to say:

Describe what you liked best about your online learning experience.

I liked the fact that while I work my regular job, I can pursue other interests like psychology. I dont neccessarily want to become a psychologist, but it does help me in my current job. I am a Make Up Artist and I listen to people talk about everything all day long. I like being able to listen and understand what they are talking about. I liked being able to work in my pjs, at night, or when ever I needed to. It was easy! The classes were easy to do, and I was able to get help most of the time when I needed it. I could always e-mail questions and get the answers I needed, if I needed them. The most important thing for me doing an online degree was to be able to work when I wanted to. I wanted to earn a degree. Because I motivated myself to do it, I was more motivated to get it, and I believe I did better because of it!

Describe what you liked least about your online learning experience.

There is only one thing I really did not like about getting an online degree. I missed the university itself. I missed the people. I missed having classmates to discuss things and problems with. I missed the opportunity to talk to professors and really delve into what they are thinking and get immediate feedback from them. I was able to e-mail for help, but many times it took as long as 24 hours for one question to get answered. Not to mention sometimes I just did not want to do the work. It is so easy to skip something because you dont have an obligated appointment to be somewhere where someone like a professor will notice you are gone and miss you.

Has earning this online degree helped or hurt your career?

I think this degree helped me. I think psychology is important in any customer-based service where you are directly relating to the customer the entirety of the service. Like hairdressors, cosmetologists, and make up artists. Being able to listen and have decent feedback for someone is so important.

What would you say to others who are looking into online psychology degrees?

Pursuing an online degree is great if you are self motivated to do it! But if you find or know you are a procrastinator who needs someone to push you, dont do an online degree. Go to a community college where you will get the pushing you need!

Charr|Burbank, CA. USA|Phoenix University|Psychology

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