Online Teacher Certification
in YOUR State

If you want to earn your online teacher certification, you simply must know your home state's teacher certification requirements before you take a single course online.

You may find the best, most affordable teaching program. You may be excited to get started today, as the ads always say.

Do it now! You owe it to yourself! It's your career, it's your future!

Hold on a minute. Those are sales people talking. They want your tuition money first, and then they'll answer your questions.

Your first step toward earning teacher certification online is to do some basic research. What exactly are the requirements for a teaching license in your state?

How many education credits do you really need?

Is there an alternative pathway to certification?

Can you earn a masters degree along side the teaching certificate?

Believe me, from state to state the requirements are different.

I earned my degree in Oregon, but my first teaching job was in Maryland. Now I teach in New York. For me, the differences in the certification process for each state were time-consuming, expensive, and confusing.

Don't make the mistakes I made. Don't waste money on courses that won't count toward your license.

The guidance counselor may try to sell you the whole degree program, but the truth is you may be able to earn a teaching license with fewer classes and less money. Earning a graduate teaching degree online may be right for you.

So what's your first step?

Choose a state and learn what is really required.

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Choose the state in which you hope to earn online teacher certification.

Ten great schools offering online teacher certification.

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