Earning Online Teaching Certification

Many colleges offer courses or certification programs for earning online teaching certification. Unlike international English as a Second Language teaching (ESL/TESOL), online teaching programs designed to train online teachers are not as finely tuned, uniformly developed or granted international acceptance.

Beware of false claims by those who are not reputable - attend an accredited program. Reputable schools typically hire certified teachers. Make sure you are paid for your online teaching work - attend a respected institution.

There are books written specifically to help those seeking certifications for online teaching positions, although, books tend to be more stagnant information regarding the ever-changing field of virtual education.

Ongoing virtual courses, especially those affiliated with universities that also offer classroom programs, are more likely to keep up with changes in the industry. As the buyer of an online teaching certification, be certain the majority of employers of online teachers will honor your training and certification program.

When you find an employer, be cautious. Investigating their standards. In the past year, the federal government has begun demanding proof that the money spent to gain a post-high school education will result in a significant enough increase in the resulting career to justify the repayment of student loans and interest.

Online colleges have been the hardest hit by these new demands because the drop-out rate is higher. Unfortunately, online universities like the University of Phoenix - where the student-loan default rate for 2008 was 12.9% and accounted for 70% of defaults attributed to Arizona - hurts the online teaching field.

Make sure you work for a reputable school. Those institutions with high standards complete proper entrance exams to make sure that the students are prepared to learn. Keep in mind that instructors are not the only one to blame for dropouts. Less reputable schools have been encouraging enrollment in online learning college programs for pupils who are simply under qualified. Many students need remedial classes to prepare them for the coursework before entering mainstream online courses. A situation where a student leaves the program because of being vastly under prepared has nothing to do with the quality of the teacher or the online teaching certification program.

As a certified online educator, it is your job to keep students engaged and committed to completing the courses. Often the smallest detail, a tiny "Tweet" sent to the class can make the difference in a student putting forth the effort necessary or giving up and quitting the class.

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