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New York

Need certification in New York? Will an online teaching degree help you start your next career?

It's staggering how many would-be teachers are out there looking for good information on how to become certified to teach in public schools.

I went through this process in the state of New York from 2004 to 2006. Good information was hard to find.

Time and again the people I talked to gave me bad information. College admissions counselors, BOCES employees, and my own administrators were among those giving bogus information on the minimum requirements for certification.

The most difficult people to communicate with at that time, however, were the folks up in Albany at the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Lucky for you, things are different today. NYSED has a great website full of comprehensive information on how to become certified.

If you're looking for an alternative path to certification, check out this certification website from NYSED.

Take a careful look at their material on distance learning credits toward teacher certification.

Don't take courses and earn degrees that you don't need!

Learn the facts and avoid the frustration and expense of listening to those who would have you earn an unnecessary Bachelor's degree or Master's degree.

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