Discovering Online Teaching Jobs

Researching online teaching jobs can be an overwhelming task. But the better informed your are about the job market, the better chance you will have of creating your own career opportunity.

Knowing more about the online teaching field makes finding a job a more realistic pursuit. It helps you think of creative ways to get an online teaching position.

By interviewing directors of online teaching programs in both junior colleges and universities, I learned there is a distinct lack of turnover. Realizing that educators who find employment teaching online rarely leave the position may help you to work harder to get a secure position. Visualize and write down the unique qualities in yourself that you might have overlooked.

A lack of lay-offs of online teachers occurs because the overhead is very low. There is no brick and mortar building, no desks or teaching supplies, no utilities or other costs. Online teaching involves course development, course refinement, teacher training, and billing students for tuition. Students absorb the cost of their supplies: their computer and Internet connection.

Because new courses are being developed, many schools are seeking effective online teachers. Don't allow the lack of turnover to be discouraging - imagine yourself in that secure, income-producing position!

There are an abundance of opportunities to develop new positions - sell your teaching talents. In the same way that writing a book is no guarantee of income, if a teacher develops a course the opportunity to sell the course either as an independent or by being aligned with a college or university exists. The investment by the institution is minimal if you develop the course and approach them offering to teach it. They must only certify that the course has the appropriate depth and breadth of material covered. The rewards of developing an effective course can be extensive.

Consider developing one or two samples of a course you would like to teach. That sample course might be the unique difference that gets you hired to teach for an online college or university. Writing your own sample course may also help you explore your potential as an independent online instructor.

Attention to every detail is extremely important. Your application has to be filled out correctly. It must highlight your strengths precisely. My own research has found that, when an online teaching position is advertised, 400 or more applications often result. To win considering such high ratios, you must stand out as a detailed professional and a unique online teacher.

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