How to Choose an
Online Teaching Program

Are you looking for an online teaching program that meets your specific needs?

What grade level do you plan to teach? What subject area? In which state?

How much tuition can you afford? Do you qualify for a student loan?

Do you need a teaching certificate, a master's degree, or both?

The questions can seem overwhelming. There are too many schools making too many promises. How can you possibly make sense of it all?

Finding the best online degree program for YOUR online teaching degree always starts with the state where you plan to have a teaching career.

Each state has different requirements. Even individual school districts can have their own rules about which credits may count toward teacher certification.

So do your research. Not only for the state, but the district you hope to teach in, too.

Once these variables have been settled, begin your search for an online program that fits your career plans.

Here are a few top online teaching programs to get started. Remember to research your state and, if possible, your prospective district before paying for a single course.

Visit online college degrees for more help choosing an online program that's right for you.

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