Online Biology Degree

An online biology degree helped advance my career. I earned my bachelor's degree and teaching certificate in biology.

I really enjoyed not having to travel to class. Being a fast learner and being able to see the curriculum was amazing. Having the ability to complete my assignments, studies and interactions with class on my schedule is fantastic.

It takes discipline but with success comes more success. I love it and wish I would have tried it sooner. While expensive, I find the course work challenging, pertinent to my work - so I benefit from it immediately and the convenience of not having to trudge over to class - where ever it may be, is empowering. I go home to do my school work, or sign in from the office and knock out a little participation. Or if I go on a little trip, I can still do my school work and meet my school commitments as long as there is an internet connection. I even worked on an assignment and turned it in while on a cruise in the Caribbean! I would not have scheduled this normally but it could not be avoided and it worked out perfectly. The ship had internet access so my laptop with wireless was put to good use.

I have had instructors that were less effective than most but I can count those less effective experiences on one hand after almost three years - there have been three. One which was very bad caused me to complain to my advisor. The outcome was a success after five weeks of class time though. My advisor and an investigator were involved. There have been several instances of peer review for the instructors during class and a post class survey is always requested. It's solid. Junior Colleges and Local Universities are less expensive, offer online degrees, are recognized to have higher curriculum standards (preventing your VC resume from being thrown away every time) Regionally accredited schools won't let you transfer a single credit from this "accredited" school. From a pushy admissions dept that hounds you worse than the Tmobile sales force to an inept Financial planning dept. To an academics department that can't match their course content to the weekly quizzes/assignments, it is best just to start at a Junior College. . .

It has helped a lot with applying for promotions. It gets you more attention.

I would encourage it just do research on the school and make sure it is accredited. An online biology degree is possible, but it takes a lot of cooperation from professors, counselors, and fellow students to get it done.

Alexander, Huntington, WV, University of Phoenix, Biology

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