Oregon Teacher Certification

Earn Oregon teacher certification and access a lovely and scenic place to live with a relatively low cost of living and exceptional educational standards.

Oregon wants top-notch teachers to fill their many open positions, so now is an excellent time to start aiming for your Oregon teacher certification.

Teachers in Oregon can count on an excellent annual salary, averaging just slightly below $51,000. There are other incentives and perks, of course, the most important being the chance to teach children and to have a hand in their learning and growth.

The first step to obtaining a teaching certificate, or becoming a teacher in any state for that matter, is to finish your high school career. If finishing high school the conventional way is not an option for you, for whatever reason, a G.E.D. or high school equivalency diploma will also start you on your way of seeking Oregon teacher certification. Once you have your diploma or certificate, you'll be prepared to seek the higher education you'll need in order to qualify for your new career.

Next, you will need to enroll in an accredited program to earn your online degree in teaching.

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement in most every state, including Oregon. However, Oregon is always looking for those with advanced degrees such as a Master's Degree, Doctorate (PhD) and even school administration credentials.

You will be taking classes that prepare you for teaching and will have the opportunity to participate in internships and student teaching to gain some hands-on classroom experience. Earning your degree will put you one step closer to your Oregon teaching career.

If you already have a bachelor's degree in another field, you can still seek Oregon certification. In fact, many school districts in Oregon will allow you to start teaching with provisional certification while you work towards full certification.

Many new teachers start out with a B.A. degree and decide to start teaching while they pursue their own education to obtain an advanced degree. As in many states, Oregon teachers are rewarded with higher pay if they obtain advanced degrees.

Once you have at least a bachelor's degree, it's time to follow the Oregon State procedure for teacher certification. At this point, nothing should stand in your way.

Obtaining Oregon teacher certification requires you to take and pass the Praxis I and Praxis II tests. These are basic skills and competency tests. If you want a more specialized certification, such as a certification in math or special education, you will be required to undergo further testing. The tests are administered on a regular basis and can be done on the computer or taken as a standard paper test. You must apply, pay the associated fees, and schedule a testing appointment.

After you have completed the tests, your Oregon teacher certification application must be sent to the State, where your test scores and the proper certification forms will be reviewed.

Now you've done everything required of you, and it can be a bit of a waiting game. It can take a little time to get an answer; however, if you studied hard, you will surely have done well on the tests, will be given the yes you were hoping for on your Oregon teacher certification.

Qualifying to teach is the hard part. Now, you'll just need to find a teaching job. Once you have found a position, you're on your way with a rewarding career for many years to come.

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