Pennsylvania Teaching Certification:
Opportunity for a New Career

Earning Pennsylvania teaching certification is the first step to a noble and rewarding vocation. You get the opportunity to influence young minds by teaching them to become successful adults.

It's a wonderful feeling! If you live in the Keystone State, there are plenty of opportunities for teachers. Now is a great time to start your teaching career in Pennsylvania.

This state ranks high on the list of states that take education very seriously and shows it through their financial support of public educational programs and high teacher salaries. Obtaining your online teaching degree takes time and effort, but will be well worth it to see the faces of happy children as they learn from you, their teacher.

The first thing you will want to do if you plan to pursue Pennsylvania teaching certification, of course, is to finish high school. If you did happen to drop out, you can always study and take the high school equivalency exam to obtain your G.E.D. Without achieving this milestone, you won't be able to get your foot in the door to any institution to obtain the necessary degree to become a teacher.

Once you have that high school diploma or G.E.D., it's time to look into your options for secondary education. To obtain a teaching certificate, you will need to enroll in an institution that offers courses for those who wish to pursue teaching as a career. You can often enroll in a community college and then transfer your credits to a four-year school to finish out your degree. It's important to seek out an accredited school offering a teaching degree. Your coursework will vary, depending on your chosen learning institution. However, any accredited school will see to it that you are given the proper education to prepare you to become a teacher upon graduation.

To qualify for your Pennsylvania teaching certification, you will need to graduate from an approved teacher education program with at least a bachelor's degree in education.

Then you will need to take the Praxis tests. There are different Praxis tests for different types of teacher certifications, so be sure to take the ones that fit where and what you want to teach. You will have to meet a qualifying score at the time of application. These scores vary depending on the test you are taking. Praxis tests require pre-registration and you will have to pay a fee for each exam. You can sit for paper-based tests as scheduled on certain dates or take the tests online.

Once you have accomplished this, you will need to submit the proper certification forms and fees to the State of Pennsylvania. If you passed the test or tests with acceptable scores, you'll be in proud possession of a Pennsylvania teaching certification.

You will, of course, have to keep your certification current and attend continuing education programs from time to time. Still, the requirements for a Pennsylvania teaching certification are a small price to pay for being a fundamental part of what makes the next generation who they are.

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