Public Administration Degree:
Can You Become an Online Teacher?

Can a public administration degree ignite your teaching career?

If you're thinking of becoming an online teacher in a distance learning program, what better way to break into the business than by attending an online program?

Once you have learned the ropes of online education, you will be qualified to teach at an online university yourself.

Josh from Mission Viejo, CA, has plenty of experience learning and teaching online. His degree in Public Administration landed him a job teaching critical thinking in a distance learning program.

Read more about Josh's experience below:

Describe what you liked best about your online public administration degree.

The best thing about online education is the flexibility and pace at which I can work. Understandably, students learn at different rates, thus online education promotes participation amongst everyone, not just the smart students.

Additionally, I love the idea of doing my coursework at all hours of the day. If I come in late from an engagement or event, I can log on and do the assignments that are required on or before the scheduled due date. I have attended online education for nearly 6 years and I can honestly say that nothing compares to the amount of information and reading that an individual will learn.

Unlike traditional campus courses, online education requires students to research, read and write effectively to convey their disposition. I have taken both traditional and online courses and I believe online education offers more to students. As a result of the extensive research and writing online education requires, I am a much more effective writer in my professional job. The benefits of online education are abundant. I advocate to peers, family and friends that education, specifically online education, is the future.

Describe what you liked least about your online learning experience.

The downside to online education is the amount of time required and strong attention to detail that a student must have.

When I first began online education, I didn’t realize the amount of commitment I needed to continually log into my courses, basically teach myself the material and write according to my instructor’s rubric demands.

I think students who are entering online education should evaluate their time management skills and plan accordingly. The amount of hours required per week range between 10-20, so if you’re taking 2 courses, that’s up to 40 hours of time a student needs to allot to complete the assignments, readings and discussion board posts.

Initially, I didn’t know what discussion boards, participation and substantive commenting meant. If there is one thing I least like, it is the amount of posting that must be done in group and discussion board forums. Ugh, I would rather write another paper than discuss topics with fellow peers.

Has earning this degree helped or hurt your career?

It has helped tremendously. I wouldn't have obtained the job I'm in right now, nor would I be teaching online courses.

What would you say to others who are thinking of pursuing an online public administration degree?

Do it! Don't waste another minute of your time thinking if you should or shouldn't. Two things will happen, one, the price of tuition will go up and two, you're not getting any younger.

Josh - Mission Viejo, CA, USA - Bellevue University - Public Administration

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