Robotics Teacher

by Centitour
(Singapore )

My favorite teacher is Mr. Quek. He was my lecturer during tertiary education, he is mainly involved in teaching us robotics, and bringing us through trainings for national competitions. Although he teaches us robotics and was my coach for competitions training, he was more than just a teacher: He is also a friend, an elder brother, a fatherly figure.

There were many instance where he sacrificed his time for students. I remember he came back during his birthday to monitor our training and assist us when we encountered a few problems. Which in the end, we played along until end of training, and then we celebrated his birthday with his wife and daughter. Not only that, he is a very patient teacher who never scolded us when we do not understand. Instead, he would patiently try to impart knowledge.

There is one theory which I do not understand in a module which he doesn't teach, but being one of the nicest lecturers around, I asked him. Teaching that module wasn't his forte, but he tried his best explaining it to me for hours until I understood the core of the theory.

Being a teacher in technology field (robotics largely relies on technology development around the globe), he was also the teacher who pioneered Facebook lessons. He created groups that teach modules and students and alumni are invited to join the group.
Then slowly, a few other lecturers knew the existence of these groups and joined the groups and at the same time, more module groups were created to benefit other students. The lecturers can relax as most of the time, alumni were the ones teaching, because students spent so much time on Facebook that it took just few minutes to check the groups to see if there were any questions asked in the wall of the groups.

There is this one last thing which I've got from him which affects me as a person: He made me understand why we study. We study for knowledge, not for results. That added fuel to my desire to study, and I found out why I am studying. I am studying because I want to, not because of results, because in the end, our employer will judge us because of what we are and our character. A person with average results and good character is always better than a person with good results and bad character.

Lastly, I would like to thank him, although he might not be able to see this, but although many teachers and lecturers have tried to make an impact in my life, he is the one who did it best.

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