Seventh Grade History Teacher

by Nick
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada )

My favourite teacher was my Grade 7 History-Geography teacher, Craig Johnson. He used to tell us about his days playing professional hockey and he loved golf. He would organize some golf tournaments every year and a few friends and I would be sure to go.

There was something about him that just made learning even the most boring units more fun. He talked in a very loud voice and was never afraid to pick on the kids that were sleeping in class or not paying attention, which was usually pretty funny, except if you were the one getting picked on, of course.

He also helped out with the Boys’ softball team, which I was a part of. I was always impressed by how much he did outside of class to help students around the school with things like sports or even just extra help with their homework if thy needed it.

I also remember his great sense of humor. He was always making jokes and wisecracks. On parent-teacher interview night, parents would book an interview even if their kids were getting 85-90% just so that that could talk to this teacher that their son or daughter had told them so much about.

Unfortunately, I only had Mr. Johnson for grade 7. Some students were lucky enough to get him as a gym Teacher the following year, but not me, I ended up liking my gym teacher for that year anyway. Despite not having any classes with Mr. Johnson after Grade 7, I still said “hello” to him very often when I saw him outside of class, and even ran into him a few times outside of school in restaurants (and once on the golf course) and was always sure to talk to him and ask how the school year was going.

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