South Carolina Teacher Certification

Need South Carolina teacher certification? If you plan to earn some or all of your credits online, make sure your credits count.

  • Will the State of South Carolina honor your teaching degree?
  • Are there opportunities for distance learning at state colleges and universities?
  • Will your online degree program help you navigate the certification process in South Carolina?

When you contact the SC Department of Education you will need your list of questions ready. They will answer your questions regarding certification requirements, but they will not recommend any specific university - especially not any specific online teacher training program.

So your first move is to select the online program that seems best to you. Ask your online university counselor some tough questions about their program.

  • Do they operate in South Carolina, and are they experienced helping prospective teachers earn South Carolina teacher certification?
  • Can they help you prepare for and pass required examinations for the teaching credential?
  • Do they help with job placement, and what is their record of success?

Click this link for help finding information on required examinations for teachers in South Carolina.

You need to rely on the state of South Carolina to provide all the information about certification requirements.

You need to rely on a guidance counselor at your online university to help you navigate the process of earning the right degree.

The first challenge you face is making sure the state doesn't deny you credit that you have earned. The second challenge is making sure the school you attend provides services all the way through to certification and employment.

The hard truth is that you are responsible for doing the research yourself. Many advisers at online universities will lead you to believe the process is cut and dried. But when you are dealing with government, no process is so easy.

Many employees of the state may try to guide you to an approved local teacher preparation program. They will not be any help finding an alternative pathway.

But if you don't fit the mold of prospective teacher, i.e. young, inexperienced, ready to start from the beginning, then they will not help you find the best program to suit your needs.

It's a tough balance, with partial truths and misinformation on both sides. You must get everything in writing, study it, research it. And only you can do it for yourself.

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