Special Education Certificate

I needed a special education certificate. I took online classes at University of Phoenix to add a second certification area to my teaching credentials.

I have worked for years teaching high school special education.

I loved learning online since you could do the work at any time that it was convenient to you. All of the materials are available online, I didn't have to buy books or provide anything more than just my computer and internet.

I was only adding to my certification so I wasn't doing the entire special education certificate program. This was a quite sufficient way to learn when you already have some background in the area. Because I enjoy reading to learn this modality fit my learning style. I could read, respond and feel confident that I was learning.

I had some support available to me but rarely used it as I could understand all the lessons and complete them on time. Another thing I really liked was being able to work at my own speed, I could work ahead and use time management to make sure that even though I was going into a very busy time at work, I could have my classwork online done ahead of time.

Because I already had my teaching degree and was just adding to it, this method of learning was sufficient for me. I can not imagine, though, doing your whole teaching degree online. How would you have the oh-so-beneficial interactions that occur in the classroom as you are learning something this demanding? There are so many questions and discussions that would be missed- even though there is the opportunity for discussion online, it just is not the same thing as being in a classroom.

I'm afraid I would not want my children taught by someone who did all their coursework online. Especially at the high school level when a teacher needs to be a master of their subject matter. Perhaps the education classes could be done online, but certainly not their core subject classes. There just can't be the same level of experience with lab work in science, deep discussions in other areas and the interaction with a professor.

It helped me add an area to my certification which I guess helped my career. I may even go back to learn something entirely new as I would still like to work during my retirement.

I would really recommend that they do most of it in a traditional college rather than online. The experience gained in a traditional college is too valuable.

Rebecca, Kentucky, University of Phoenix, this was an additional area - special education certificate

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