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Yes, through teacher education online I earned a Master's of Education in Elementary Education and a teaching certificate.

My online experience was great. It developed my work ethic and taught me how to be independent of others. It helped me to discover my own strengths and weaknesses because I was just on my own. I will add to that, the accessibility is really an advantage. The most important things in online education are personal time management and studying process organization. Moreover it is very flexible and lets me pick particular courses I want to study rather than getting everything in the curriculum. It is faster, cheaper and gives me the opportunity to study in the comfort of my home.

The least valuable thing about my online educational experience was that the social interaction for me did not develop or form in a right manner because I don't have enough practice on how to socialize, participate and cooperate well online. Even though it is interactive, courses did not always give me feedback about the lesson that I wanted to master. The school cannot monitor me all the time as to whether I am learning or not. It cannot guarantee that all the information is available. Sometimes, workshops were hard to coordinate and were not conducted efficiently. There was no one checking my progress on a regular basis. Online education is difficult.

My university degree very quickly helped me to find a job teaching.

If you want to obtain a good and a decent job and to save your time by taking up any course or degree, then you need to get into an online teaching degree program. I will definitely recommend people to earn this kind of teacher education online degree.

Leena, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Grand Canyon University, MED in Elementary Education (With IR and Cert)

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