Teachers Inspire Writers

by Carla

My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher in primary school. Her name was Lucy, Mrs. Lucy. I was kind of new in town. So everything was new: school, friends, my timetable. Mrs. Lucy was always very encouraging. She was a loud person, but she was very kind. She was always pointing out the bright side of life to us.

She forced us to read and to write a lot. I've always been an avid reader, and she would come to me and ask me to tell her about what I was reading at that time. She said I should write my own stories and I did so. I began writing my own story about cowboys and life in the wild west. After I finished that story, I went for more.

For Easter, there was a book festival in another city, and my parents were going to bring me there. My favorite author was going to be there, so I was very excited about it, and I wrote another story (5 or 6 pages long), this time about cats. I patiently drew every picture of my story, and I did my best to make it "professional": big round even letters from start to finish. My idea was to give the story as a present to this lady author. The day I went to the festival, the lady wasn't there, I was very disappointed, but I decided to give my story to the editing house representative, asking him to deliver it to the author. I came back home, and to my surprise, a couple of months later I received a letter. It was from the lady writer, congratulating me on my story and encouraging me to keep on writing.

When my teacher found out about this, she made all the students gather, and she told them about it. She was incredibly happy and proud of me. A long time has passed, every now and then I write stories for kids, and every time I do, I think of my parents and this teacher and I thank them for making me love books and the stories in them.

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