Teaching is a Tough Business


My favorite teacher is Ramila Madam. She is brilliant in her subject. She is teaching to little stars that are between standard to 1 to 5. She has a great nature and a kind heart. She is helpful to every person. She has a great personality as a human being. She is very generous and pure hearted person. She has a deep love for every child.

She always tries to motivate students to grow up in their life. I have learnt many things from Ramila Madam and I want to share one experience about my life which is related to my Ramila Madam.

She asked me about my future that what I want to be in my life. Then I replied that I want to be teacher for my career. So she again asked me why you want to be teacher in your life. So I humbly replied that I don’t want to do any hard business in my life, I just want to do easy business like teacher. Then she suddenly replied that it is not easy task for teacher to teach the students. It is a big challenge to teach the students because we must make a child into mature person.

This idea touched my heart and now I follow her in every moment of my teaching life. She also works for some charitable trust which is going on for poor people or students. She joined angle club which is working for poor student for further study. She got award and certificate as a best teacher of 2010. She is very confident for herself. She always tries to inspire other people to do such a thing in their life. I have pride that I learnt from her and she is my ideal teacher. She is very beautiful internally as she is always ready to do anything for our school. She believes that school is temple of little stars where stars can spark by great and ideal teacher who has great thoughts.

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