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How to Become a Teacher in Tennessee

Tennessee provides various licenses for teaching. Based on your experienced and education, you can become certified as a teacher. Tennessee provides options for first time teachers as well as those interested in transferring their teacher licenses from other states.

Why Teach in Tennessee?

Earning Tennessee teacher certification has many benefits, including the state's favorable cost of living. Housing costs in the state are amongst the lowest in the nation. Major cities in the state such as Memphis need experienced, qualified teachers to fill positions. In Tennessee, you can also enjoy living in a mild climate and take advantage of the state's many outdoor activities, sports, events and many historical sites.

Steps to Become a Teacher in Tennessee

To become a teacher in the state of Tennessee you will need to obtain a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Having a master's degree may provide even higher income and additional career opportunities in education. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, you will need to apply for a teacher's license. The state of Tennessee has several different licensing options available. They are:

  • Apprentice Teacher Licenses
  • Out-of-State Teacher Licenses
  • Professional Teacher Licenses
  • Interim Teacher Licenses
  • Administrator Licenses
  • Alternative Teacher Licenses
  • Occupational Education Licenses
  • Apprentice Special Group License

Process for New Teachers

If this is your first time teaching, you can apply for the Apprentice Teacher license which is issued to individuals who have completed an approved teacher preparation program from an accredited school. With this license, you have to work for three years as a teacher in a Tennessee public school or state accredited non-public school within five years. After you have completed three years of teaching, the school system that you work for must submit to the state a positive evaluation of your work so that you can advance to the Professional License for teachers.

Process for Out-of-State Teachers

If you are already a teacher in another state, and would like to move to apply for Tennessee teacher certification, you must complete and application for the Out-of-State Teacher License, submit official transcripts from all colleges that you have attended, submit teaching credentials and complete an Experience Verification form documenting your prior teaching experience. If any additional Praxis tests are required, you will be notified after your application is reviewed.

Apply For a Teaching Position

The next step is to choose a school in Tennessee and apply for a teaching position there. Large cities like Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga provide many options for teachers to live and work. You may be interested in visiting several different locations in the state before making a decision on where to live and teach.

Becoming a teacher in Tennessee requires that you complete the necessary paperwork with the required documentation. When applying for your license, be patient with the process. The rewards of teaching the nation's next generation of future leaders is well worth the time and effort.

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