Earn TESOL Certification Online

Yes, I earned my TESOL certification.

Flexible timing is the most convenient point of online programs for me. I was scheduling my own program for individual studies, so that I could easily earn a certificate, without putting aside my daily work. And also online lessons offer the chance for going back and reviewing the previous learning which is a great ease for individual needs and learning trends.

To tell the truth, there aren't any negative points for online education for me. The only handicap is that there are less practicing opportunities during the online education. Most of the lessons and also the exams are individual. Especially for language teaching, practice and communication are vital for education. I was a French teacher willing to teach English. I needed TESOL certification to reach my aim. Now I can teach English as well. It helped my career for sure.

Online certificate programs mostly teach the ways and methods of teaching rather than the branch lessons. Individual efforts and know-how is needed to be a good teacher.

Tugce, Izmir, Turkey, INTESOL, ELT (English Language Teaching)

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