Texas Teacher Certification

Earn Texas teacher certification and you could begin the teaching career of your dreams. Texas offers excellent teaching jobs in the some of the nation's top public schools. And there are teacher shortages in many subject areas.

Texas is one of the premier states to start a teaching career. High salaries and top performing public schools draw talented prospective teachers to the state each year.

Learn how earning education credits online may help you earn credentials for your new teaching career in Texas.

Case Study: Eric from Austin became a fourth-grade teacher after earning his Texas teaching certificate online at the University of Phoenix.

Visit this teacher certification website for up-to-date information on becoming a teacher in Texas.

Take a careful look at their material on certification requirements for an explanation of the various routes to teacher certification.

Don't take courses and earn degrees that you don't need!

Learn the facts and avoid the frustration and expense taking unnecessary education courses.

Earning your credits online and by distance learning whenever possible will definitely save you money and time.

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