Two Great Teachers Who Impacted My Life

by Anna
(Alexandria, Virginia, USA )

I've had a lot of teachers who've impacted my life. The ones that most stand out are simply because they're recent, two of my high school teachers.

The first one, Mr. Wentworth, I met freshman year, and we were fortunate enough to be able to keep in touch all four years (which isn't often common because I went to a huge 3000-student school) and he was just really cool. We really got to know each other as much as a student teacher can, and he was just funny and always willing to help me. Just generally a nice guy who made me want to learn.

My other favorite teacher I had just this past year for American history. He was new at my school, and totally awesome. He was funny, and always very helpful and he made everyone in his class eager to learn. He really taught like no other teacher. He like got us to be brutally honest, have no secrets with each other, and he made us see things from a totally different point of view. He was just downright awesome, and funny.

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