Utah Teacher Certification:
Is Your Program Approved by the Utah DOE

Earning Utah teacher certification is the first step toward an exciting and rewarding career teaching our children.

But what is the best path to certification for you?

To find out, you must do some preliminary research on which programs are approved by the Utah Department of Education. Don't become one of the many who spend time and money earning credits online only to find out that those credits won't help you in your career.

While Utah is home to WGU Teachers College, a program you should definitely look into if you are serious about becoming a teacher, there are many other approved programs out there.

Other factors that will affect your decision about which program is right for you:

What is your current level of education?

If you are still seeking a bachelor's degree, you will likely be able to earn the credits necessary for certification as part of your current degree program.

If you have already earned a bachelor's, and especially if you have a master's, then you may be able to find work teaching while you pursue the necessary credits in education.

What grade level do you see yourself teaching?

If you plan to teach grades K-8, then interdisciplinary studies or early childhood education may be right for you.

If you plan to teach secondary school, i.e. grades 9-12, you may want to concentrate in a particular subject area, such as math, science, or a foreign language.

Are you an expert in your field?

High school teachers especially should strive to become experts in their respective field. Don't just plan to teach science, for example, but set out to become an expert in chemistry or physics or biology.

Do you plan to attend college full-time or part-time?

If you must continue to work full-time while earning your teaching degree, then an online program will be more suitable to your daily schedule.

But don't be fooled into thinking online courses are easy to fit into a schedule that includes a full-time job. You might consider easing into the work load, taking just one course in the first semester.

So, if you are absolutely sure you want to be a teacher, take the first steps now and start researching online degree programs for Utah teacher certification.

A whole new career is waiting for you.

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