Vermont teacher certification

Are you considering Vermont teacher certification?

Now is a great time to become a teacher in the state of Vermont. The state was ranked 22nd for its average teaching salaries by the National Educational Association (NEA) in 2005. With teacher retention programs on the rise through higher wages and excellent mentoring programs, Vermont is a good place to be if you are an educator. As Vermont continues to invest more in its education system, additional credentials and qualifications will be expected of Vermont's teachers. The state's public school system offers attractive compensation packages for those who have obtained graduate degrees.

Reasons to Teach in Vermont

Teachers who specialize in science, math, foreign languages and bilingual education or any other area that the state education agency designates as an area with a shortage of qualified teachers may be eligible for a 100% cancellation of their federal student loan. In addition to loan forgiveness programs, there are grants and scholarships available for teacher education.

Obtaining a Teaching License in Vermont

If you have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Vermont and completed a state approved teaching program, you are able to receive a recommendation for licensure from your school. If you are already a teacher with a bachelor's degree transferring from another state you are eligible for the Peer Review alternate license.

Once you have a recommendation from the school that you graduated from, you still need to complete an application, pay any applicable fees and then submit the required documentation. After receiving your Level I license you will need to find a teaching job in a Vermont school. After you have taught for three years, you need to apply for the Level II license.

Renewing Your License

In addition to teaching for three years you will also need to obtain approval for a seven year professional development plan as well as obtain a recommendation from an education administrator who has evaluated and supervised your work. The Level II license is valid for seven years and afterwards you will be required to demonstrate your growth as a teacher and complete continuing education course credits for each endorsement. You will also need to submit another endorsement plan for renewal.

Vermont has ranked well in providing quality education. The state has competitive teacher compensation, loan forgiveness programs, grants and scholarships. Vermont teacher certification may be an excellent choice if you are looking to begin your teaching career and grow professionally.

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