Virginia Teacher Certification:
High-Need Areas Offer Jobs

While Virginia teacher certification is not a breeze to earn, the rewards of a career in that state are worth the investment of time and money.

Virginia schools have high standards. Plan to earn a master's degree in your field within five years.

Expectations are high and certification requirements are strict. But don't let that deter you. Virginia offers exceptional opportunities to those looking for a career in teaching.

Are you pursuing certification in a high-need area?

Virginia needs teachers in Special Education, Math, and Science. The state also needs reading specialists and foreign language teachers.

Start your search today to find your best path to a career teaching in Virginia.

Take a look at the best routes to licensure. There are several options for career-changers.

And it's never too early to start thinking about where you want to work once you are certified in your subject area and grade level.

Check the state's resources for teacher job openings in high-need areas. Virginia public schools abound in opportunity for qualified instructors.

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