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People today lead busy lives. Every moment of the day counts. Students at Walden University can take advantage of those precious free moments, whether they're on a lunch break at work or waiting for the bus, by listening to their class lectures or reading their latest assignment on their smart phones.

Offering convenience and flexibility of learning, Walden's online programs allow students to learn when and where they want - from their smart phones or MP3 players, their laptops, or their desktops, making the internationally renowned university a top choice for many educators who want to advance their education and their careers.

The University's education department caters to educators at all levels, from elementary school to higher education at colleges and universities and offers bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees. Students can also choose from approximately 140 specializations for their teaching certification.

Bachelor's Degree

Walden offers specialized bachelor's degree programs in educational studies, instructional design and technology, and childhood development. While the B.S. in childhood development is not designed to lead to licensure, the educational studies major is directed more to those students who aren't yet ready or interested in becoming a teacher but who want to work in some form of education, including as tutors or in a community support position. The instructional design and technology bachelor's degree prepares students to develop curriculum or edit already developed courses.

Teacher Preparation Program

The Teacher Preparation Program is designed for those professionals, who already hold a bachelor's degree, interested in making the career move to teaching. The Teacher Preparation Program leads to a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - with specializations in early childhood education, special education with emotional and behavioral disorders, and special education with learning disabilities - and can be completed in between 20 to 24 months. Students are then responsible for becoming licensed in their own states.

While students can complete much of their coursework online, they will be required to participate in several onsite activities, including a field experience in the classroom and student teaching at two different schools during the final semester in the program.

Master's Degrees

In addition to the Teacher Preparation Program, Walden University features Masters of Science degree programs in several areas, including early childhood studies and education. Students decide in which area to specialize, such as early childhood public policy and advocacy and teaching and diversity in early childhood education. Unlike the Master of Teaching, the Master of Science is not designed to help students earn their teaching licenses.

Walden University also offers endorsement programs - which can be earned in conjunction with a master's degree - in emotional/behavior disorders and learning disabilities.

Students who are not sure whether they are ready to commit to a master's program can start with a graduate certificate in instructional design and technology and professional development, which can then be applied toward the required master's coursework.

Doctorate Degrees

Those educators with a master's degree have several options for study beyond that degree at Walden University, including a PhD in Education or a Doctor of Education. Both the PhD and the Ed.D allow for specializations. The PhD features specializations such as K-12 educational leadership and early childhood education while specializations for the Ed.D include teacher leadership.

Students in the Ed.D program will complete much of their coursework online while attending mandatory residencies throughout the year. PhD students can choose from one of Walden University's three learning modules. Students in the online module complete mandatory coursework, residencies, and a dissertation. The Knowledge Area Modules, or KAM, allow students to conduct independent research under the supervision of a professor and to attend residencies throughout the year.

Walden University also offers a combination of KAM, online coursework, and residencies, providing students with the opportunity to choose which best meets their educational and professional goals.

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