Wisconsin Teacher Certification:
A New World of Opportunity

Earning your Wisconsin teacher certification is an excellent career move that will have you on your way to a fun and rewarding career helping students to gain the knowledge they will need to grow into capable and successful adults.

Have you have graduated from high school and are deciding on a career? Have you have even been out of school quite some time and are looking for a career change? Are you ready to reenter the work force.

If becoming a teacher is part of those plans and you're living in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, you will find opportunity both for your own post-secondary education and for becoming an educator yourself.

Earning Wisconsin certification online may speed you on your way to a rewarding professional career in teaching.

Wisconsin is a great place to become a teacher. Salaries are high, teachers are needed in a variety of subject areas and grade levels, and opportunities are available in high-need areas such as science and math, reading specialists, and languages.

The process for obtaining your Wisconsin teacher certification, while somewhat lengthy, its really straightforward and simple.

Once you have graduated from high school or obtained your G.E.D., you will need to enroll in and graduate from an accredited teacher education program. You'll need to earn a bachelor's degree, as this is the requirement in Wisconsin and most other states for teacher certification.

Your teacher education will consist of classwork (which will vary from school to school, but will be designed to prepare you for becoming a teacher) and field work, which may include internships and student teaching. Once you get your feet wet, substitute teaching might also be an avenue you will want to explore for more experience prior to certification and full-time employment as a teacher.

After obtaining that B.A. degree you have worked so hard for, it's time to go for the Wisconsin teacher certification. You must pass the Basic Skills Test (PPST) and the Praxis II test your subject area. While these tests may be intimidating, you have a good chance of qualifying if you have earned your bachelor's degree and are passionate about your field of study. For each area in which you would like to be certified, you will be required to take additional exams.

Once the tests are completed, the scores and proper forms and fees will need to be turned into the state of Wisconsin. As long as you received your degree and passed the necessary exams, you will soon find yourself holding the Wisconsin teacher certification for which you've been striving over the past several years. Now you must find an open teaching position. And remember, keep your Wisconsin teacher certification updated and current by continuing to teach and by attending continuing education and professional development programs.

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