Wyoming Teacher Certification

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Wyoming offers a great quality of life for those wishing to teach in this state. It is included in the list of the top ten states with a high percentage of schools having internet access and technology. It was also ranked fourth in per capita funding of its public education. Wyoming has many national and state parks, ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. With its aesthetic scenery and many recreational activities, Wyoming may be a good option for those interested becoming certified to teach.

Traditional Route to Teacher Certification

To become a teacher in Wyoming, you will need to have your bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a teacher certification program. After you complete your educational requirements, your school needs to complete a verification form with an institutional recommendation that has your school's official seal on it. This needs to be accompanied by your school transcripts.

Alternative Route to Teacher Certification

An alternative route to becoming certified as a teacher in Wyoming is to obtain employment in a Wyoming school district and then enroll in a teaching degree program. The state offers temporary permits to teachers in an effort to ease their shortage of teachers in specific areas. The state program allows individuals to work in a Wyoming school district while working towards teacher certification. It requires that you obtain your bachelor's degree in a secondary teaching field. Teacher preparation programs are usually provided through the college of education at many colleges and universities. Wyoming requires that these programs include student teaching experience and that they lead towards the completion of a degree in education.

Transferring From a Different State

Teachers who move to Wyoming from a different state should check to see if their home state has a reciprocity agreement with Wyoming. If it does then you may be able to receive Wyoming teacher certification. There are several requirements that all teachers must meet which include taking a course on the US and Wyoming constitution as well as passing an exam proving your competency in this area. You will also need to pass the Praxis competency exams and complete a fingerprint packet.

Once you have obtained your Wyoming teaching certificate, you must complete continuing education courses. This means taking a certain amount of hours of coursework for professional development credits. The specific details of your courses will be provided on an individual basis.

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